The weather can’t make up its mind. Fall or summer?!?! Fall or summer?!?! I guess its called Autumn but it certainly seems like summer is staying around for just a bit longer. At least until the 23rd. But with summer closing out, another new iPhone, and the start of yet another “maybe next year” phrase for the Mariners its a good time for us to celebrate all our personal achievements from over the year thus far!!! this week’s run is the FLYING IRISH BLING BLING RUN. We want to see you showing off all your awesome swag of race medals and finisher shirts in one epic event.Competition of who can put Mr. T to shame!

And then later this month though we will have some more fun with the first ever Flying Irish Zombie Run on Sept 26… dress up as a zombie or as a potential survivor and we have a bit of fun on the run!!

And back by popular demand is the discount codes to two great runs that are coming up. The Glow in the Park Run on Sept 20th (yours truly is emceeing the fun) and the Wild Moose Chase on Sept 27th. Discounts are on the panel to the right!!

See you all Thursday ready to bling it out!!

Grand Poobah – Brendan

Volunteers Needed

The Flying Irish is going to have the tent setup at the Glow in the Park run and man an aid/party station. If you are interested in attending please contact us at: The times we need people are approx. 6:30-9pm Saturday Sept 20th. It will be a lot of fun and plus you can join the after party of the Glow in the Park run.

Watch Where You Park!!

We get a bit of questions from time to time about where you can park for free. Did you know there is a map attached to the weekly email that highlights all the areas you can park and not have your car towed (right next to this post)? The Oxford Suites contacted us last week requesting that Flying Irish members do not park in their lot. If you do, you car will be towed. Please be respectful of the local businesses when you do park. There are plenty of free parking spots in the close area AND we are a running club after all so if you have to park a little further away you should be okay 🙂

Study On Running Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Hello! My name is Keely Hope and while most of you know me from running, I am asking you take a few minutes to participate in a research study I’ve created.  When I am not running, I am a faculty member in the Psychology Department at Eastern Washington University and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

I think that it is important to learn more about how running potentially helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  I also want to know how social running affects these issues.

Your participation is completely voluntary.

If you are interested in participating, you will complete click this link that will take you to the survey​. While completing the survey, you will answer questions about your running habits and take two surveys designed to measure symptoms of anxiety and depression. You will also answer some questions about how you feel while you run and right before you run.  This may bring up some unpleasant thoughts or feelings. If that happens while you are taking the survey, you may stop.  You may also email me at any time to discuss these feelings you have while you are taking the survey. I can be reached at

If you have any questions about the study, you can speak to me directly or email me. Thank you for your time.

Extra Singlets and Sweatshirts Available

If you have 33 or 50 runs with the Flying Irish but forgot to get on the preorder for the new singlets or the hoodie sweatshirts? We now have an assortment of each in a few of the sizes. Get yours by showing up to the run! First come, first served! $30/each

Photo Contest

We love seeing photos of our members. We love seeing photos of our members wearing their Flying Irish shirts even more! Why not encourage that even more and also give our members a chance to win something as well? To that we created the Flying Irish Running Club Photo Contest!

We will have 4 categories for photo submittal:

  • Flying Irish in Motion
  • Flying Irish Social
  • Flying Irish Race
  • Flying Irish Run the World

All of the details, rules and etc. and how to submit your photo can be found on our website here:

Weekly Route (click on the image)



Use the hashtags below when you share your Flying Irish photos!

  • #FlyingIrish
  • #WeRunSpokane

Upcoming Races / Events

Have a race that you want the Flying Irish to promote?  Contact our Sponsor Liaison.

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