Looking for a group to run, jog or walk with or just looking for an excuse to exercise? Come fly with the Flying Irish Running Club!  We are a group of fun runners, walkers, joggers, and sloggers that meet up each week for a social run of 3+/- miles.  We started off as a crazy idea of trying to organize a group run for friends that has now turned into one of the world’s largest social running clubs with over 11,000 total members. But the best part is ITS ALL FREE!

We are organized as a 501c3 nonprofit under Washington State law so that means we have a Board of Directors who are voted on in a biannual basis that oversee the operation of the Club.

We meet every Thursday night at 5:45pm. Our official season goes from the first Thursday in March until Thanksgiving. Our Annual Meeting and End of the Season Party is the Thursday following Thanksgiving. 

For further details please see our Membership page.


 History of the Flying Irish Running Club

It all started back in 2005 when the Flying Irish Running Club’s founder, Peter, came up with a grand idea that running should be a fun and social activity. Sure Spokane is a great running community with some of the top High School cross-country and track teams in the nation and the mega-running event in Bloomsday but what about a weekly activity for the average person? Unfortunately there wasn’t much available in Spokane, let alone the rest of the country, at that time. So with this idea starting to take form, Peter approached Tim O’Doherty, owner of O’Doherty’s Irish Grille in downtown Spokane, about an idea that he had. Tim was able to be convinced by Peter’s crazy idea that a decent amount of people would meet up for a run each week. So Tim went along with the idea and the Flying Irish Running Club found its first home.

The first ever run for the Flying Irish was on March 2, 2006 with a group of 9 runners with Peter later claiming that most of which were his family that he had persuaded to come. By the end of that first year, however, the Flying Irish had grown to a total membership of 202. But the highlight of the first year was the introduction of the shirting ceremony. It was already decided before the first run that to earn the Club’s shirt you had to run 6 times, which is based off of Jeff Kaline’s jersey number that hangs on the wall at O’Doherty’s. The only thing was, there wasn’t a plan for any official ceremony. Well, after the first of the shirts were handed out in mid-April one runner who had just received his shirt decided to jump on top of the bar at O’Doherty’s and tell an Irish joke in similar fashion to how you earn the right to put a $1-bill on the wall at O’Doherty’s after singing a song. The runner may or may not have had a few glasses of the “black stuff” before commencing on with the beginning of the tradition that has been done by thousands of other runners since.

The Flying Irish called O’Doherty’s home for 6 years before it ultimately had to move on to a larger hosting area to accommodate the huge growth of the Club. In those six years the Club saw a growth to over 2,500 people running each year with an average of over 400 people at the weekly run; being far larger than what the total number of people who ran in the first year alone. Also during those years the number of routes grew from the 6 original ones to over 12 different routes. It was a sad day to leave O’Doherty’s but the Flying Irish still goes back “home” a couple of times a year for Legacy Runs.

But as before, the Flying Irish Running Club was never ready to settle and it keeps on trying to improve itself to live up to its reputation as the biggest and best social running club in the world. The 2013 season saw numerous changes for the Club including: a new logo, the addition of a Club Coat of Arms, a new website and the biggest one of all: the move to make the Flying Irish a nonprofit organization.

Here’s to many more seasons to running the streets of Spokane!