June & July – 6pm

David’s Pizza

Who: All the local Flying Irish plus our #flyingirishrunfromaway members

What: 3 miles+/-

When: 6pm on Thursday

Where: 803 W Mallon, Spokane, WA

Why: Pothole-free travel

How: Show up by 5:45, scan the QR code, sign-in, RUN! Come back, drink beer, hear jokes, see friends!


Running Club

The Flying Irish Running Club is dedicated to the furthering of an active lifestyle through running in a social setting and strives to positively promote the sport of running.

Red White and Blue Run!Well, I tried to put together some lyrical genious parody of the Bettles' Hey Jude for this month...Hey June. My limited creativity will have to stick with simple rhymes and haikus, as I'm no match for Paul and John. Sorry June, you'll get no special treatment for this Thursday's run. Don't worry all; July will be better better better better, oh!Anyway, this Thursday is the Red, White and Blue Run! Wear your favoirte color or colors, as long as it's one of those three. Don't forget any flare to go with it. Best dressed gets my vote...for what, I have no idea.Who: Fliying Irish's Red White and Blue RunWhat: A colorfully dressed up fairly flat fun course through Brown's AdditionWhen: 6pm this ThursdayWhere: David's PizzaWhy: To celebrate the upcoming Independence Day Weekend and because it's the first hot FI run of the year (2021 is laughing at that statement)How: Wake up at 5:30 PM, show at 5:45, scan the QR code to sign-in, and enjoy the post Hoopfest quiet steets at 6 with the rest of us. 7 PM events!This week: Brown's Addition.Note: For July 21st, our primary location is up at Green Bluff for the Cherry Pickers Trot. No obgligation to run the race, but the $10 entrace fee goes up after Friday. ... See MoreSee Less
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Summer is finally back!Sunny days, fluffy clouds, warm weather. It's the perfect time of year for running with the Flying Irish! This week is special folks. Make sure you wear some bright colors for the run. Neon, super bright, or really anything that makes us want to wear shades just looking at ya. Why you ask?!? It's all part of our diabolical plan to rule the universe. Or at least enhance the planned shenanegans!Who: Fliying Irish Summer ShantyWhat: Running 3 miles in a way we haven't done since before COVIDWhen: 6pm this ThursdayWhere: David's PizzaWhy: It's beautiful outside...finally!How: Show up by 5:45 in your brightest clothes, scan the QR code, sign-in, and fun run before fun beer back at O'Davids, followed by fun 7 PM events! ... See MoreSee Less
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Join us for a different run each Thursday night!

Our runs are typically between 3-4 miles but we do have some longer run options that are closer to 5 miles for those that want to go further. More information on our routes can be found on our Routes page.