Lots of posts from people talking about the anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruptions this week and what they were doing when it happened. Well, I don’t like to date myself but I will say I was not born when it happened. I don’t think Geary was either ūüėČ Just thought I would throw that it out there. We got a few requests to do the Hill route to celebrate the eruption but I got to thinking. Since an eruption usually makes a mountain smaller wouldn’t be more fitting to do the flattest route possible? Well that’s what we are doing. You can find out what route that is by clicking the link below. But speaking of routes, you can now take a virtual tour of all routes:¬†http://tinyurl.com/mcupjq8¬†Now you can really make sure that Jody doesn’t lead you astray.

With the month of May upon us that means its another brewery that is sponsoring the Flying Irish and also that means another round of awesome stuff to giveaway. This month, Deschutes Brewery is our brewery of the month and they are giving away one heck of a fun prize at the end of the month. All I know is, before the winner can actually collect on it we get to play a few rounds with it at the Flying Irish. Remember, you have to be wearing your Flying Irish shirt to enter each and also must be present to win!

See you Thursday!

Grand Poobah – Brendan

Group Photo – June 4

Be a model (runner) and join us for our annual group photo to be recorded in history. We’ve gotten word that Runner’s World magazine is looking to publish the photo! Wear your Flying Irish shirt to show off your pride. And oh, by the way, the 10-year anniversary shirts will be available before the picture!


Flying Irish Virgin Slayer

Get your friends to join and win some swag! A lot of you have brought friends and family over the years to the Flying Irish and continue to do so. Well, we want to recognize those who bring the most new members, Virgins, to the Club. Starting at this week’s run, as new members join we will have them put down who referred them. The more times your name is mentioned as the one who referred them provides you with more chances to win the monthly title of Flying Irish Virgin Slayer and of course free stuff. At the end of the year we will announce who the 2015 Flying Irish Virgin Slayer is. Let the slaying begin!

Volunteers Needed

We started up our volunteer program last year so that the Flying Irish can help serve the Spokane athletic community that has given back to us in so many ways. There are a few events that are coming up that need volunteers and also events that we will have a presence at that will also need volunteers. The following list of dates are ones that we have coming up. If you are interested in volunteering please email Cassie, our Volunteer Coordinator, with your details at volunteercoordinator@flyingirish.org

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