Ay, ay, ay
Good to see you, come on in, let’s go
Yeah, let’s go
Alright, alright
OK, uh, alright, OK
Alright, OK

Return of the Flying Irish, get up!
What it is, what it does, what it is, what it isn’t.
Looking for a better way to get up out of bed
Instead of getting on the Internet and checking a new hit
Get up! Fresh out, pimp strut running, little bit of humble, little bit of cautious
Somewhere between like Hans and Evan. Hash House Harrier’s gang, nope, nope y’all can’t copy
Yup. Awesome, prancercising, this here is our party, our club’s been on ESPN,
And we did it our way.
Runner first, I shed my work clothes and put my shoes into everything I sweat to it
And yet I’m on.
Let that head-lamp light go and shine on down,
Got that 50-run sweatshirt and plinko in my style.
Beer money, stay on my craft and stick around for those (hopeful lost) pounds,
But I do that to have a great time and put on for my friends.
Trust me. F-L-Y-I-I-N-G I-R-I-S-H runner,
Chasing runs since it was 2006 with the Irish jokes a telling
Halfway cross that city with the bar, megaphone, yelling.

6-Run shirts out here,
Now they can’t tell me nothing
We give that to the Flying Irish,
Spread it across the country
6-Run shirts out here,
Now they can’t tell me nothing
We give it to the Flying Irish,
Spread it across the country

Can we go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the night, we’ll run ’til it’s over
So we put our shoes down like the ground can’t slow us
Like the ground can’t slow us
Can we go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the night, we’ll run ’til it’s over
So we put our shoes down like the ground can’t slow us
Like the ground can’t slow us

Its the start of the 10th season of the Flying Irish!!!! And what do you do when anyone has been around for a decade?!?! You throw them one hell of a party and thats exactly what we are planning on doing Thursday night. Not only will we have DJ Marathon in the house but were going to have some birthday festivities including a metric buttload of cake. Its been a long off-season and we are so excited to see you join us for another year. And boy will it be awesome. We have it in the works to bring in a brewery for every month and that means awesome swag to giveaway like we did last year. But now its every month! What other stuff can you look forward to? Well how about more presence of the Flying Irish at your local races. But there are two things that we are also super excited to announce. The first we mentioned yesterday which was actually the anniversary of the first ever Flying Irish run. To mark the 10th season of the Flying Irish we wanted to do something we never do and make a limited-edition shirt to commemorate our 10th season. So, we’ll be getting shirts made up with every person’s name composed in our logo that has 6-runs or more. Shirts will be available mid-May so that gives you plenty of time to get your runs in to get your name as a part of history and a collector’s item.

And lastly, we wanted to announce a sponsorship change that we have with the Flying Irish. For the start of the 2015 season the Flying Irish is excited to announce our partnership with Fleet Feet Spokane in helping us coordinate our merchandise purchases, bringing in shoe vendors and just all around greatness in promoting running within the Spokane community. Also, we would like to thank Runners Soul for being a part of the Flying Irish for the last 9 years. They truly helped make Flying Irish what it is today and we are forever grateful for that.

But enough with the intro its time to read on and find out more for whats all in store for the run Thursday night and beyond. Read on!

See you Thursday night for the 10th season kick-off!

Grand Poobah – Brendan

St. Patty’s Party 3/19 and Parade 3/14

We are an IRISH running club after all and the month of March is one heck of a celebatory month for us! So after this week’s festivities there are some other ones going on soon to set your sights on! Our Annual St. Patty’s Day Party is March 19th and DJ Marathon is once again rocking it out along with a few other treats. Wear your green!

As in the past few years we will be marching in the St. Patty’s Day Parade on March 14th. Meet up at Ripples that morning (time will be announced in an upcoming email) and join in as the Flying Irish march on Spokane!

Plan

Its the start of another Flying Irish season and that means its the annual waiver signing tradition! If you remember how the process went on last year’s opening night, okay I don’t think anyone really remembers, so we drew you a simple diagram of where to find your sheet based on your last name if you ran last year. If you did not run with the Flying Irish at all in 2014 then you will need to sign the waiver that is just outside of the ballroom doors. No need to worry as we have all your data saved.

(Click to view larger)

2014 Annual Report

Before we start up the 2015 season, and its going to be a huge one at that, we would like to do a little reflection on last year and how successful the Flying Irish was. The Annual Report highlights the successes, covers the finances of the Club, introduces you to the members of the Board and identifies the goals for the upcoming season. We took a bit of time putting it together so that you, the members, can see how the Club is doing. You can check it out by clicking on the image below.

Weekly Route (click on the image)



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