So what do you do when it gets hot out??? You take off all your clothes. Oh wait, that was this past weekend! What you really should do is celebrate summer because no one really likes to celebrate the cold. You can do a bit of celebrating at this week’s run as its the annual Luau Party! But unlike past years, we are stepping it up a notch this year, because we can, and not only is it a themed run but we are also giving some pretty sweet stuff including a cruiser bike courtesy of Kona BrewingCo. To win all you have to do is just by showing up! We like things that are simple. But also this week is our annual group photo.Don’t miss out as by being a part of it you are a part of history! We are even making the event a little more fun for you all with having thewhole pre-run and post-run activities done on the patio. All great reasons not to miss this week’s run. But if you need to just one more reason, its our Membership Director’s 200th run!

See you all Thursday!

Grand Poobah – Brendan

We Came, We Ran, We WON!

The trophy is safely in our hands once again! The Flying Irish Running Club is now the 5-time repeat team champions of the Bare Buns Fun Run! It is certainly a proud moment in our Club’s history. Just imagine all the sunburns that it took to get all 5 trophies. We are proud!

Jaywalking: Don’t ___ Do It!

I am sure you can fill in the blank on that one! Over the last two months or so I have fielded a few questions about what exactly entices our rules on jaywalking. Its pretty simple: if its against the law the whole club loses a run. And that means that you DO NOT go through red lights just because there isn’t any traffic. Its your responsibility to know the laws of the State. We think everyone looks pretty darn good when they show up to the weekly Flying Irish run. Having your body lay motionless on the windshield of a car does not look good. Let’s keep everyone looking good!

Photo Contest

We love seeing photos of our members. We love seeing photos of our members wearing their Flying Irish shirts even more! Why not encourage that even more and also give our members a chance to win something as well? To that we created the Flying Irish Running Club Photo Contest!

We will have 4 categories for photo submittal:

  • Flying Irish in Motion
  • Flying Irish Social
  • Flying Irish Race
  • Flying Irish Run the World

All of the details, rules and etc. and how to submit your photo can be found on our website here:

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