Its a scorcher out there! I hope that you are finding all sorts of fun ways of staying cool. One such way was found by Arnold Schwarzenegger by covering himself in mud. Well, you can put the same skill into practice this Saturday at the Dirty Dash! Just minus an alien bent on taking human skulls as souvenirs though.I know the Dirty Dash guys are looking forward too seeing all the Flying Irish peeps all there! Make sure to wear your limited edition Flying Irish-Dirty Dash shirt that they paid for out of their own pocket. And also look for the Flying Irish tent to have a little more extra fun!

But the fun begins this Thursday night. You have two places you can a Flying Irish run at. The first is at our regular run however this week we are at the other Red Lion Hotel (Inn at the Park). The other opportunity is up at the Cherry Pickers Trot at Greenbluff. Look for the Flying Irish tent to find the sign-in sheets. It just may count as a double run with this heat!

Boy has the month of July started off as scorcher. But its not hot enough yet! At least not hot enough to where its a 100 degrees. If we get there on a Thursday that night’s run counts double! But also with July we have a couple of fun events planned including our annual summer Luau Party on July 31st! Also the night of the party we will be taking the annual group photo so don’t miss out. But if that doesn’t entice you to show up, how about winning a free Kona Brewery cruiser bike?I thought that might get your attention!! The more times you run in July the better your chances!

See you all Thursday!

Grand Poobah – Brendan

The Truth of Running

Perhaps the Flying Irish should brand one??

But if you didn’t know we have a few Drawstring Bags and Pint Glasses left over! Something to carry your jogging strap between runs and of course a glass to hold that beer that you paid for using the money holder part of the jock strap to help keep you hydrated after your run.

Photo Contest

We love seeing photos of our members. We love seeing photos of our members wearing their Flying Irish shirts even more! Why not encourage that even more and also give our members a chance to win something as well? To that we created the Flying Irish Running Club Photo Contest!

We will have 4 categories for photo submittal:

  • Flying Irish in Motion
  • Flying Irish Social
  • Flying Irish Race
  • Flying Irish Run the World

All of the details, rules and etc. can be found on our website here:

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