What a Luau it was! I don’t think we’ve had that many skirts worn at the Flying Irish since our last CrossDresser run (watch the video to the left)! We gave away a bit of swag including the Kona Brewery Cruiser Bike! But if you missed the run, not winning the bike wasn’t the only thing you missed out on. You also missed a double run count night and the annual group photo! Special thanks to Benjamin Boldt for putting the photo together for us!

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Last week’s run also marked the start of the second half of the 2014 Flying Irish season. Only 17 more runs left 🙁 But I think we can turn that frown upside down as we have plenty of fun events scheduled including a Glow Mob Run on August 21st and the inaugural Flying Irish Zombie run after that! Half the time I don’t know where we come up with this stuff. Must be in the beer or something… It has been quite a few for me after 299 runs.

Read all the way through the email as we have a great story that we want to share with you all about one of our members.

See you all Thursday for run number 300!

Grand Poobah – Brendan

Extra Singlets and Sweatshirts Available

If you have 33 or 50 runs with the Flying Irish but forgot to get on the preorder for the new singlets or the hoodie sweatshirts? We now have an assortment of each in a few of the sizes. Get yours by showing up to the run! First come, first served! $30/each

A Flying Irish Story and Goodbye

Nearly two years ago, I showed up to my first Flying Irish run. I was encouraged by my neighbor to check out this large running club, in spite of the fact I was a novice runner, and didn’t know anyone in the club. Three runs later, I had a new group of friends, and Thursdaysbecame my favorite day of the week. My run count is now 43, I’ve lost 85 pounds, gained several friendships, won a few raffles, enjoyed more than a few beers, recounted an adult-level joke on stage in front of strangers, dashed dirty, and helped bring home the team trophy for the Bare Buns Fun Run.  I’ve also acquired knowledge.  I now know what men wear under their kilts, how to rock a cross-dressing competition, and I’ve revived MC Hammer’s signature typewriter dance moves, while DJ Marathon supplied the music at one of the parties. Most importantly, I’ve learned I don’t need to be the fastest, most skilled, or own the most finishing medals to call myself a runner.  I’m a runner because I run.
Thursday, August 14th, will be my last run with the club, as I’m moving to go to school in California. The Flying Irish Running Club has been a source of great joy in my life, and I’ll miss everyone greatly. I’ve learned I don’t need to be the fastest, most skilled, or own the most finishing medals. I’m a runner because I run. I’m so glad I mustered the courage to show up alone two years ago.  This is my tribe.
By the way, does anyone happen to know the difference between an Irish wake and an Irish wedding?

Jenny Cumbie

Photo Contest

We love seeing photos of our members. We love seeing photos of our members wearing their Flying Irish shirts even more! Why not encourage that even more and also give our members a chance to win something as well? To that we created the Flying Irish Running Club Photo Contest!

We will have 4 categories for photo submittal:

  • Flying Irish in Motion
  • Flying Irish Social
  • Flying Irish Race
  • Flying Irish Run the World

All of the details, rules and etc. and how to submit your photo can be found on our website here:https://flyingirish.org/photo-contest

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Use the hashtags to share your Flying Irish photos!

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