How many runs do I have?

Updated Thursday, June 8th 2023

Search by Last Name, First Name, or Number of Runs to find your number of Flying Irish Runs. This information is updated weekly on the Wednesday prior to the run during the regular season. If your search is not working, check to make sure there are no extra blank spaces after your name.

Total Records Found: 11787, showing 10 per page
fi idFirst NameLast NameNumber of Runs
3206 Amanda Zahara 4
4768 Mario Zamora 8
2179 Sara Zamora 3
3474 Stephanie Zamora 6
6532 Hope Zaragoza 16
455 Marcy Zaragoza 42
8299 Joseph Zarazua 2
284 Blanca Zavala 9
9367 Helena Zbilut 3
7287 Susan Zeimaith 3