How many runs do I have?

Updated Thursday, Nov 16

Search by Last Name, First Name, or Number of Runs to find your number of Flying Irish Runs. This information is updated weekly on the Wednesday prior to the run during the regular season. If your search is not working, check to make sure there are no extra blank spaces after your name.

Total Records Found: 11849, showing 10 per page
fi idFirst NameLast NameNumber of Runs
3576 Sarah Alvick 1
11426 LuAnne Alward 15
5966 Alyssa Amann 1
3499 Renee Amann 15
3439 David Amaro 5
11674 Brian Alexander 2
379 Juan Amaya 14
10388 Aram Ambartsumyan 6
9891 Lynden Ambel 1
1529 Chris Ambrose 8